Welcome Wise Elders

Inspire and empower compassionate, global learners.   


Rosanne Morse, MS/MFT   

In ancient cultures the Wise Elders were:  1. The Peace Keepers  2. The Guardians of  Wisdom  3.  The Keepers of Memory  and  4.  Providers of a Sense of Belonging.  That is still our job.   

We Elders exist to maintain the healthy balance of life. Elders historically were the peace-keepers because young people often displayed aggressive behavior.  The Elders, having learned a bit just from living, renounced aggression, avoided provocations, encouraged peace and reined in the brash tendencies of the young.

We are the guardians of wisdom and memory.  We are at a time when we can turn our energies inward toward what really matters to us and what worked and what didn’t. Wise-Elders owe a duty to share their heritage, legacy, wisdom with further generations.  Memories are essential to the survival of the society to avoid fumbling with the future. Wise-Elders have lived through great crises: war, famine, recession and financial depressions. We learned what had to be done in order to survive each disaster. The lives of the entire community depends upon such knowledge, skill and wisdom.

There was a time when we passed on our laws and our knowledge through oral tradition. Today of course, we have many means of preserving historical information.  Yet, there remains the human experience and memory that can never be completely captured on film or paper.  We Wise-Elders have a gift to share.  The challenge, of course, is how to share this wisdom. Wise-Elders know their loved ones and are in a unique position to provide wisdom beyond all that is written. And, we must do it with love, patience, understanding and acceptance, because after all, we were all once young and foolish 😊  CONTACT: wise-elders@cornerstonelc.com