PinkPorchLIfe evolved from my retirement dream.  We moved from Fort Lauderdale to the tiny town of Alachua just North of Gainesville Florida.  We bought and renovated a 1920 Craftsman home located prominently on – what else – Main Street!    Not only was it our dream home, but it was also home to our dream job of owning and operating a bookstore.  We did this from 1998-2012 made many friends and learned a lot  about rural life.  As with everything in life, change arrives.    Our adult children along with their children  had located in Tallahassee, FL, only two hours away but kids grow and change quickly.  So we sold our home and bookstore but brought with us the Pink Porch Life state of mind.

1.  Recommendations for 4  books.

2.  Recommendations for books, gifts, etc. are sprinkled throughout the pages.

Valerie          Rosanne

3.  Article by Psychologist Dr. Valerie Allen

   4.  Article by Rosanne Morse, about almost anything!

 5.  Recommendations on  Cool Places to go

6.  Recommendations on Cool Restaurants we have enjoyed