Life Coaching

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Life Coaching is an ongoing relationship that helps people make decisions about their jobs, careers, partners, children, parents, personal issues, and trauma. It is problem-solving with the help of a qualified objective person. I work with individuals, couples, small businesses and non-profit organizations.   See Page “Just the Facts”  For costs, times etc.

Life coaching might help if:

  • You feel stuck, but you know you have untapped potential lying just beneath the surface
  • You don’t necessarily know exactly what it is you want or maybe can’t quite articulate it yet, but you are committed to making whatever it is happen
  • You want to move forward and not spend years pondering the meaning of life
  • You genuinely want to know what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself
  • You wish to be happier with whatever you do now and in the future
  • You are hungry for success in life
  • You are open to learn and willing to try new behaviors

We probably won’t be a great fit if:

  • You don’t really want to change
  • You want the other person to change
  • You believe life is unfair and you are stuck with it
  • You are cherishing your anger
  • You have substance abuse issues and are not ready to work on them

R-8If so, excellent – I could be your Life Coach!

Contact me now and let’s talk about your future at your complimentary first session.  Thank you for your referrals.