Just the Facts

 homeFactsWhat, Where, and When?   Phone sessions may be scheduled at any time by appointment.  In[person sessions may be scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday by appointment.  Coaching sessions are a bit like brainstorming or having a meeting rather than traditional therapy. Phone sessions eliminate your travel time and may fit into your daily schedule easier.   Please feel free to use the contact form for more details.  

How Long and Cost:  50 Minutes/$40.  This is the length of time that traditionally works best.  It is long enough to cover what you need, but not so long you become overwhelmed.  Telephone sessions easily fit into a hectic schedule to help you stay focused and on track. I take a limited number of pro bono clients.


Client’s Rights:  I value your confidentiality so there is no involvement with insurance and you have the right to ask that no record of session content be created. The client has the right to focus the session on the issue of their own choosing and the right to terminate coaching at any point without stress.  Clients are entitled to protection in the event he or she discloses an intention to endanger self or others.  In this event, the Coach will take all reasonable steps to notify the appropriate authorities to prevent harm.

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