… about the Tallahassee Senior Center?



… about CLC Middleschool?  Details, details…

… about CLC Kindergarten?   Here are more details than you can even imagine asking about 🙂

 about “Math Facts”?  While math facts get a lot of attention from parents who help drill on math facts, math facts, math facts…, the reality is that the math facts are an important part of building a solid math foundation.  Note, for those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, there are the addition math facts (3+5=8), subtraction math facts (8-1=7), multiplication math facts (3×7=21), and division math facts (25 / 5 = 5). Math facts are important as a rote learning tool in a subject (math) which can only be mastered by acquiring basic understandings.   http://www.adaptedmind.com/Math-Worksheets.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyrv75K6j2gIVP8njBx200QyJEAEYASAAEgKKe_D_BwE

… about the Alzheimer friends program?  In preschool the senior citizens we visit every month are called our “Grandfriends.” Each month after preparation in music class and social and emotional preparation during regular class time, we load up in cars and head out. We meet Ms. Patty C., who leads us in singing, dancing, and instrument playing with our “Grandfriends.” Our students partner with a senior citizen and actively make music with them. Over the course of the year the 3, 4 and 5-year olds visit the center 7 times, building lasting relationships that positively benefit both students and adults.  When we first arrive at the center the children are nervous, shy and sometimes even scared to interact with the seniors. The Alzheimer patients sometimes appear sad, distant, or confused. But as we all begin singing and dancing together, the music works its magic, and a wave of release and awakening seems to penetrate the atmosphere. The children and their Grandfriends begin to really connect, hold hands, talk, giggle, and play! Click on the image for more.

… about Roy G. Biv …. Your grand kids know Roy G Biv and probably your own kids.  But WE never met him when we were in school — no, uh, uh, not us.   ROYGBIV or Roy GBiv is an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colors; the distinct bands are an artifact of human color vision...RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO VIOLET.