GREAT SITE TO HELP YOUR KIDS WITH MATH:  http://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/place-value

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… about CLC Kindergarten?   More details than you can even imagine asking 🙂

 For those of you beginning “Math Facts” there is hope!  Those of you unfamiliar with the term:  these are examples of “Math Facts”:  addition math facts (3+5=8), subtraction math facts (8-1=7), multiplication math facts (3×7=21), and division math facts (25 / 5 = 5). Math facts are critical as a rote learning tool in math which can only be mastered by acquiring basic understandings.   I wish you peace throughout the schooll year.   My own experience with a second grader “fidgeter” was to make it filled with outrageous Grandma antics – providing preposterous answers 2+2= Hippotomus so he could correct me.  Laugh a lot, spend only 15 minutes max, set a timer,  obviously use bribery….   Worksheets

.… about Roy G. Biv? …. Your grand kids know Roy G Biv and probably your own kids.  But WE never met him when we were in school — no, uh, uh, not us.   ROYGBIV or Roy GBiv is an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colors; the distinct bands are an artifact of human color vision...RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO VIOLET.