Find Your Own Path

The point of this little story is that it is important to know who you are and what you want; to identify the people and things that will help you get what you want.  Then set a path to get there.

I knew my days of being a contented wife and mother were numbered.  I felt the boredom creeping around me.  It was hard to fight the expectations of others, but I needed to invest in myself in order to be of any worth to my family.   My story is that of many women of my age, because we had to fight to get out of a certain mold.  But all of us need to “thine own self be true” because life is not a rehearsal.

Finding our  paths path in life should be easy, but as life slams us with needs, wants, expectations, and fate, we can lose ourselves along the way.   Like most of us coming of age in the sixties, I just wanted to be happy, whatever THAT meant? Well it’s been a long and winding road from the days when women settled down into marriage, had kids and … well, then, life just happens…

From 2003-2012 The Pink Porch Book Store  was my “fantasy job”.   Some of you know that my actual career was as the director of the Sexual Assault Treatment Center and Child Protection Team in a large metropolitan area.  On burnout days I claimed all I wanted to do was be a cashier at a Hallmark Greeting Card store so I could use my mental health skills  on a casual basis with happy or sad people, help them find solutions, and wish them a nice day.  Well, the Pink Porch pretty much met all those expectations and more. 

The “more” was that it allowed me to move to a small rural town where I knew no one and very quickly get to know people and to become part of the town and make friends. I was able to begin a “life coaching service” which allowed me to share a lifetime of counseling experience in a more friendship based relationship.   I had moved full circle to what I wanted all along … to “be happy.”  I was fortunate that I could do it.   Rosanne Morse

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