Giving Emotional Gifts

As the holidays approach, remember to GIVE …

– To yourself….respect, confidence, faith and fortitude.
– To a family member….communication and understanding, even if there has been pain.
– To a friend….a heartfelt and caring spirit.
– To our natural world, animal and plant life….protection and preservation.
– To a good cause….generosity of time and treasure and ardent advocacy.
– To a traveler….an open door of hospitality.
– To our military forces, first responders and their loved ones….honor, support and appreciation.
– To the ill and hurting….conscientious concern and healing comfort.
– To the hungry and homeless….compassion, emergency services and creative community solutions.
– To the abused, neglected and abandoned….representation, security and hope.
– To someone with a special challenge….recognition and acceptance.
– To the addicted and troubled….a positive path to recovery.
– To an infant and toddler….attention, attachment and safety.
– To a child or teen….patience, guidance and a positive example.
– To a parent in need….a helping hand and guidance.
– To an elder….reverence, gratitude and dignified care.
– To a customer or client….excellent service and lasting value.
– To everyone you see, friends and strangers alike….a warm smile, acts of kindness and positive energy.
– To people of every age….unconditional love.
– To all the peoples of the world….justice and peace.

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