February … Remember to Love Yourself

   Be happier and enjoy your life more …

When you are mindful of all the things you have you allow yourself to be happier, more contented, and more satisfied with your own life.

Live in the Moment.  Because life is filled with the unexpected,  allow yourself to “go with the flow”.   Trying to force life to conform your expectations may lead to a frustrating and unrewarding life.  Yes, do whatever you plan to do and SAVOR it.   When something challenges your plan, quickly make an effort to accept what is and then SAVOR THAT.  If you wanted to clean out your closet and company stops in, accept it and settle into enjoying the visit.  You can contain the distruption by setting a time limits right as you say a warm hello.

Practice gratitude.  Because you have an intentional goal to be happier, consistently and consciously take a moment every hour to find something you are grateful for.

Actively Seek Inspiration.  Surround yourself with books, art, music, and people that inspire you.  Your happiness is directly tied to your surroundings.  When you feel alive and passionate you are bound to appreciate more, live more, and be more content.

Make a Gratitude Board.  We  keep diaries, photos and all kinds of things as momentos.  Make a beautiful changeable board to post the good things in your life, good memories, meaningful humor.   Focus on people and experiences that have enriched your life.   Even the bad romances can make you smile if you appreciate the positive aspects that once made you smile.

Yes, you can control your thoughts.  Everyone falls into the dumps from time to time.  Ok, so give yourself a 30 minute WALLOW session.  After 30 minutes STOP. Consciously, take yourself to task and say “I’m just wallowing now.”  Get out of the your environment, if possible go outdoors.  Go to a different room and read a book, sew a hem, paint a picture.  Just do something else.  You can always take 30 minutes tomorrow and wallow again.

Always resist the temptation of comparing yourself with other people.  As humans, we have a natural tendency to compare ourselves with others with the hope of attaining satisfaction. This activity does not help you feel to better. You will feel guilty because you are actually doing better.  OR you will feed your insecurities because there are always people who are richer, more attractive, more successful and more intelligent than you are. Comparisons are a waste of your precious time … don’t do it, please.

Watch your words.  You will feel happier if you simply use more positive and more enlightening words. Negative words just reap what they sow.

Appreciate right now.   The happiest people are those who focus on what they HAVE, not with what they lack. Is the glass half full or half empty?  It is up to you to choose how you want to look at life. .

Acknowledge the past, then move on. We all have pasts. So sure, be aware of your past mistakes, heartbreaks, failures and frustrations. Think of them as the building blocks of your life because both the good and the bad makes us who we are now.  Apply any lessons you learned to your here-and-now life and let the rest go – quickly.

Touch other people’s lives meaningfully.  There really is nothing more rewarding in this world than helping other people. Just a kind word or an honest “thank you” can make someone else’s day.  It makes you feel great and it may help you value what you have in your life.   Sponsor a child’s education, give your shoes to a homeless shelter, donate your old clothes and books to a charitable institution. Give of your time on a weekly basis to something you can do that helps your fellow human and then DO IT.

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