September CLC Newsletter



Students’ ability to argue with reasoning requires critical thinking and effective communication skills.  Throughout CLC you will find examples of students thinking deeply about a topic, expressing their reasoning,  and listening to perspectives of others.  If we want students to graduate knowing how to think, we have to give them ample time, space, and practice to build those habits of mind.  Here is one example:   List 3 reasons why people migrate.  Do you think the reasons have change over the years?


A friend of mine works for Wasafiri, an organization focused on tackling complex problems through a process (“Systemcraft”) which addresses the larger system in which a problem exists.  These are not “sore throat” level problems.  These are “reducing childhood mortality rates in developing countries: level problems – – challenges with no clear singular cause or solution.   The problems he works on all have four things in common:

  1.  No single root cause
  2. No single owner
  3. Evolving dynamics
  4. Involves entrenched behaviors & interests.

When I talk with him about his work, I find myself hopeful for our students, and by proxy, our world.  Spend enough time on our campus and you will see students wrestling with developmentally appropriate complex problems or in the process of building the skills that empower their capacity to do so.

Beyond the abilityy  to simply problem solve, CLC Students also learn to do so in a way that humanizes solutions with compassion and empathy.  At CLC caring, virtues, and diverse views are a part of the DNA of the student learning experience.

We know the climate is changing and the future will include dynamic global events our children must confront.  I’m hopeful because when they do, I know they’ll have the skills to meet those challenges with the mindset & humanity that bends the arc of history toward justice and equity.


by Chris Gosier

New innovations in learning are always fun and exciting for our kids.  It is a practice that we pride ourselves on at CLC!  Our newest innovation is virtual reality!

Imagine walking through the village of Van Gogh’s art class, and seeing all the vivid colors and intricacies therein. Or traveling through the inside of the human body in science.  Each of these (and so much more) are possible, and even better, accessible.

We have invested in a class set of virtual reality goggles and we NEED YOUR HELP.  We are seeking smartphones with wifi capability to be donated to the school.  The phones do not need to be activated as long as they have wifi capability.

Old or new phones welcomed –  whatever you can spare is appreciated.  The phones have to be wifi ready and have a charger.  If you have a phone to donate please drop it off in the Front Office.  (If you can, please reset it to the factory settings before doing so, or give us the passcode and we will take care of it for you.)  Thanks you for supporting our innovation and the imagination of our kids!