WHY Does Cornerstone Exist?

    Jason Flom, Director     

CLC exists to provide transformational learning experiences that cultivate a deep and sustained love of learning.  At the heart of our practice is an enduring belief that by building students’ capacity to apply critical thinking in a creative, collaborative, and compassionate atmosphere they will develop the tools, skills, and perspectives they need to achieve their goals in high school and beyond.

At CLC, character development and citizenship is integrated throughout the curricula, providing students opportunities to lead, learn, and wrestle with real world problems and to see the difference they can make in the world.  From Longview Farms to the Alzheimer’s Project to the coast for marine ecology restoration trips, students engage in  learning that makes a difference.  And they learn that making a difference matters, and that meaningful achievement is attained through hard work, perseverance, and compassion.

Our graduates go on to all area high schools and to colleges near and far.  CLC alumni pursue their dreams and passions, creating for themselves lives of meaning, purpose, and value.

Providing a rich learning experience that nurtures dreams and builds abilities to pursue those dreams is not achieved alone or accidentally.  Our community of exceptional educators offer a professional level of curricular design and delivery that keeps the learner at the very center of their focus.

Sustaining this level of commitment to the student learning experience is enhanced and empowered by you.  When you give, you provide new opportunities for teachers to innovate and create.  Your gift ensures our learning environments provide a safe setting for the kind of hard work that captivates and satiates the mind.  You contribute to learning that shapes young people to see, reach, and grow in transformative ways, now and in the future.


The Annual CLC fund drive is the school’s largest and most

important fundraising effort.  Revenue from the CLC Fund supports

initiatives and objectives not covered by tuition alone. 

Keep your eye out for your PLEDGE CARD. 

We are aiming for 100% participation by October 31, 2018.

The CLC FUND is the school’s largest and most important fundraising effort.  CLC Fund Revenue – unrestricted monetary gifts – provide special resources for students and faculty that support educational initiatives not covered by tuition alone.  These may include, but are not limited to, professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, new program design and implementation, and facility maintenance and enhancement.  The CLC Fund helps us say “Yes!” when teachers come forth with new ideas for enriching the student experience.

Your gift influences our capacity to set the cornerstone for a life-long love of learning for today’s generation and tomorrow’s.    When you give, you make a difference in our student’s lives.  You are the critical difference in helping us provide students with a learning community where curiosity, compassion, and creativity survives and thrives.

Annual Fund FAQs