THE CORNERSTONE CORE VALUES ARE:   Giving,  Honesty, Responsibilty,  Self-Discipline, Respect,  Compassion, and Perseverance.

“Schools matter because they are the major contributors to the future of country and to the development of our nation’s young people as knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizens… or as we say at Cornerstone… inspired and empowered compassionate, global learners.”

We support Cornerstone…    “Because my grandchild feels safe and happy at Cornerstone.  Because my grandchild is given individualized attention at Cornerstone.”


“Because my grand child comes home every day with long winded, accurate, thoughtful explanations to me about world events, bullying, the human life cycle, or how to properly feed a butterfly 🙂 …   Because I love to see my grandchildren loving to go to school.  I love to see that they enjoy learning.  “Because when the school succeeds, grows, develops and evolves so does my grandchild.    “Because Community is an integral part of the Cornerstone educational experience.  Therefore, the best way to ensure that individual students have the best that Cornerstone has to offer is to move beyond tuition and purposefully invest in Cornerstone.  Ensure that Cornerstone remains a robust community of quality and innovative professionals,  facilities, and programs.  Cornerstone needs your resources to do these things – it needs your time, talents, and financial support.   ” Because Donations impact our grandchild’s experience.  How FUN is it to spoil the grandkids?  How fun is it to spoil them with educational experience that will shape them for life?  SO FUN!    “Because Our legacy lives on in the lives of the young as they grow, thanks to our gifts.  Your gift helps to sustain the school that is your grandchild’s second home and helps to ensure its stability.  We want stability and growth, new opportunities in our grandchildren’s lives.  A gift to the school is a gift to the grand child who then continues to come home happy and that is a gift for your child – the parent.    “Because  Students learn how to learn and find their own reasons for learning – as a way to become a lifelong learner.  Cornerstone supports the social-emotional growth of the student that will serve them well beyond grade school.  Students participate in environmental and social justice activities helping them to become part of solutions for the future.

Because School is where our children are all day, every day and where they prepare for the rest of their lives. ”

Cornerstone is unique in that it offers a Middle School International Baccalaureate  Authorized World School program.  Cornerstone offers PS-8 Grade integrated arts throughout content areas to strengthen learning, dynamic learning environments for tackling complex projects, experiences that cultivate compassionate learners, curriculum that lays a strong foundation for our life-long learners, competency-based programs to build abilities beyond the textbook, and meaningful tasks developing concentration and focus.